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Case Studies: Real Stories of Real Success

Case Study for Firms
Meet Frank. As partner in charge, he knows the complexities unique to NFPs and why training is essential — for staff and for clients. That’s why he chose the AICPA Not-for-Profit Certificates for his team and incentivized his clients to also enroll. The result? Improved audit quality. Increased client loyalty. And that’s just the beginning.

Read Frank’s case study to learn how the certificates enhanced his firm’s NFP practice.


Case Study for NFPs
Meet Cheryl. After years of experience as a large- firm auditor, she changed her career trajectory by joining a nonprofit. That meant expanding her skill set with the AICPA Not-for-Profit Certificates. The result? She stays current on all aspects of NFP accounting. She advises fellow NFPs on financial matters. And that’s just the beginning.

Read Cheryl’s case study to learn how the certificates added value to her organization.



I really liked how flexible and hands-on it is. While taking the program, I took notes for how to improve on what we’re doing. I had pages of notes initially. I’m now down to just one page of improvements that I still want to make.
—Justin Harmon, CPA.CITP | Managing Partner, Kimmons, Harmon & Co.

My organization is undergoing a lot of change, especially with regards to transitioning to a new financial management system. We are moving out of a patchwork environment, spreadsheets and outsourced functions, and our NFP accounting is now under one roof. We need to establish good risk management and internal controls, the new reporting needs to be correct. Previously, there was not one spot that had everything: guidelines, rules, best practices. It helps me know that I’m not overlooking anything important. The certificate program really helped give us a level of confirmation that we are doing it right. It helped us find holes, find better options. And we love that courses can be taken as needed. I go back and review applicable courses before audit and budget meetings. When something new comes up, I go review the modules for it.
—James A. Pflasterer | CFO, Internet2

In the past 6 years we’ve grown from 35 staff members to 150. There’s a lot of movement during this kind of change. Corporate structures and financial structures aren’t always set up for scalability. They all need to be redrawn. The Certificate is a comprehensive, convenient way to have ready access to the information we need as we move into this new role. We may not need everything in it right now, but it’s good to have a source of knowledge to refer to when needed.
—Colin Felmet, CPA | Controller, Community Care of North Carolina, Inc.

The quality of the content in the NFP Certificate Program is excellent. The program covers a wide spectrum of NFP topics pertinent to all levels of staff within a NFP. I would highly recommend this certificate program to anyone interested in NFPs or is employed by an NFP.
—Todd Rankin

Although I've been working with NFPs for over 20 years, there was still a great deal of valuable content that I either didn't know before or had forgotten. I would definitely recommend the certificate courses to anyone working with or for an NFP.
—Karen Craig

I love that I can get my CPE for the year and learn more about my area of work in one neat little package.
—Christy Schilling

I'm new to nonprofits after having spent my entire career on the for profit side. This course strikes a good balance between providing an introduction but also a decent depth of coverage.
—Paul Hilger

The NFP Certificate Program has proven to be the most relevant CPE I've had in all my years of taking Continuing Professional Education. It was pertinent to my area of work and still provided me with knowledge that I did not have.
—Bryant Richardson

The course is a comprehensive overview of the beginning to intermediate issues encountered in most non- profit environments. The method of delivery--short, logical modules--makes it easy to complete the program at your own pace.
—Wendy Sorel